When Your Home Is Being Shown

  • Keep room draperies and shades open to let in light.
  • Turn on porch light and any outdoor lighting if house is being shown at night.
  • Keep rooms neat and avoid clutter. This will make the rooms look larger.
  • Keep sink and counter clear of dirty dishes.
  • Keep all toys in the children’s room, and all bikes, wagons, or skateboards put away.
  • Turn off radio, stereo or television.
  • Keep pets outside when your house is being shown.
  • Refer any direct inquiries about the house to your real estate agent. Take advantage of his or her professional skills in selling homes.
  • Avoid questioning potential buyers, and let the agent do most of the talking. Answer candidly if asked a direct question.
  • When possible, leave agent alone to sell your property. If you cannot leave, be friendly and inconspicuous.

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