Steve Harvey, Buyer’s Agent

Steve grew up in a military family and has lived all over the US. He spent the lion’s share of his childhood in Virginia and made the easy choice to plant his own family’s roots in Central Virginia. Steve graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Marketing and also attended UVA with an extended independent study in Computer Programming. He is father to a four-year-old girl and toddler twin boys and enjoys bringing them up peacefully on a 15-acre farm that he and his wife are building in northern Albemarle County.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Steve spent several years in New York City as a financial advisor before being called up to attend US Army Flight School in southern Alabama. He flew Blackhawk helicopters and is a commercially licensed rotorcraft aviator. After his time in the Army, Steve spent four years working as Outreach Director for the 5th Congressional District of Virginia. He ran for local office in Albemarle County in 2019.

Steve is an avid reader and a fledgling carpenter. He and his wife spend their spare time working to improve their land and volunteering for local and national Christian causes.

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